About Us

Why Choose Scoopaway?

Proud to provide good quality, healthy and wholesome food to the local people of Bristol and beyond. We are a local and independent Health Food Store, specialising in Organic and Genetically Modified Organism free (GMO) Vegetarian and Vegan Foods. We ethically source all our foods and choose Fairtrade products whenever possible and ensure that they are Natural and Wholefoods.

The unique arrangement of Scoopaway is that much of our 4,000 products are available to Scoop loose from Barrels and Containers, enabling you the customer to select as much or as little as you need. This reduces packaging and food waste to a minimum, but allows an actual view of what you are buying enabling you to make the correct choice.

At Scoopaway we provide an extensive range of Cereals, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Pulses, Baking Products and a whole spectrum of Herbs and Spices, everything that you would need to ensure that your food preparation goes without a hitch.

We also stocks a huge selection of beverages… coffees, Teas and cold drink concentrates and presses, much of it Fairtrade.  As well as a large range of Ethical and Organic chilled and frozen foods.

In addition we offer a good selection of Bodycare and Toiletries from well known trusted brands such as Weleda, Faith in Nature, Jasons and Tom’s all guaranteed free from Sodium Laurel Sulphates and Parabens.

We stock environmentally sound Toiletries such as Ecover and Bio D. Ecover is available as a refil option on much of it’s range providing a more environmental friendly product but also a significantly cheaper product. At the moment we offer Bio-D washing-up liquid as a refil and will extend the range over time. This is all done behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about spillages and mess, just hand in your empty bottle to any member of staff.

Finally, we have an extensive range of Vitamin and Nutritional Food Supplements. Ranges stocked include Solgar, Higher Nature and Natures Aid.

Our Promise

We promise to provide a high quality product, free from GMO at reasonable prices. All our Body Care ranges are free from SLS’s and Parabens and have not been tested upon animals. We ensure that we deliver a friendly and efficient service and be approachable at all times. Finally, we aim to offer competitive prices on all our products.