Boost your Immunity…

September 22nd, 2011

Its this time of year that we see our susceptibility to the common cold,  sore throats, flu and other viral infections increase.  If you have children you will know all too well that when they return to school after the summer holidays viruses spread from person to person so easily.  So it’s now that we need to act to support our immune system so that it is stronger and able to fight such viruses.

Our immune system is designed to protect the body against viruses.  Signs of a weakened immune system can be chronic infections, recurrent colds – even mild ones, swollen or sore lymph glands at times, and/or frequent cold sores.  A weakened immune system leads to infection, and infection weakens the immune system, so starts this repetitive cycle.  However with the right nutritional support there is no reason why you can’t break this cycle and strengthen your immune system so that you can fight infections.

Several factors effect the immune system, with the biggest influence being a nutrient deficient diet. A well balanced diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables will hugely increase the nutrients available to your body so it is able to protect and heal itself. Too much sugar and alcohol both deplete white blood cell activity, and it is these cells that fight infections for you.  Stress depletes immune function and don’t underestimate the impact that the mind and emotional well being has on the immune system also.

With this in mind there are several supplements available in store at Scoopaway to help you increase your nutritional health and your immune function.

Vitamin C plays an important role in immune enhancement, with its main effect being improvement in immune function, we have several Vitamin C supplements available, ask in store for details.

Vitamin B12 and flolic acid are crucial in white blood cell production and function, where as other B-vitamins, including B1, B2, and B5 are also important for the function of antibody response and white blood cell response. A vitamin B Complex is available – either from Solgar (B 50’s £7.81 for 50 day supply, or B 100’s £10.95 for 50 day supply) , or Higher Nature (£6.25 for 30 day supply or £17.30 for 90 day supply).

Recent research into Zinc has added to the already widespread research that indicates its use for immune function.  Taking zinc at the start of a cold can reduce its duration by as much as 45%.  However taking a daily supplementation of zinc will also boost immunity.  Zinc is available in Scoopaway from Solgar (Zinc Citrate £7.05 for 100 day supply), Higher Nature (£4.20 for 30 day supply) or Natures Aid (Zinc Lozenges £3.40 for a weeks supply).

Echinacae is probably the most widely used western immune boosting herb, with studies showing it to exert profound immune enhancing effects.  Scoopaway stocks A. Vogel Echinacea in 3 different sizes (£3.95 for 15ml, £9.15 for 50ml, £16.20 for 100ml).

Beta Glucans Immune Complex is a great product from Solgar as it contains many of the nutrients needed to stave off infections and boost immunity.  It contains Vitamin C, Beta Glucans, Berry blend, Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Vitamin D3 and is available for £10.87 for a months supply).

Traditionally colloidal silver has been used to combat infection and is available in store by Higher Nature for £16.00.

Digestive health is also a key part of your immune defence as this is usually where viruses and bacteria enter your system so a boost with a good pro-biotic will help to balance your digestive bacteria to enable them to work effectively.  Solgar have ambient probiotics – Advances Acidophilus Plus for £8.71 for 60 capsules.

Finally, Scoopaway stocks a variety of health boosting formulas from Pukka Herbal Health. Within their Immunity Supporting range there is a Mushroom formula (£19.96 for 90 vegetarian capsules) to support the immune system, Red Ginseng Formual ( £15.95 for 90 vegetarian capsules) to enhance the immune system, Tulsi (£14.75 for 90 vegetarian capsules) to combat fatigue and degenerative disease, and an Elderberry Syrup food supplement (£11.45 for 120ml) to care for the respiratory system.