More about organic

August 28th, 2017


Why buy organic?

An exciting study from Newcastle University was published in 2014 in the British Journal of Nutrition has revealed some compelling reasons to consider choosing organic:

For Health:  The Newcastle study observed that organic foods contain higher levels of antioxidants and (poly)phenolics which have been linked to helping the body fight against cancers, diabetes and heart disease.  The study found that switching to organic crops can lead to up to 70% increase in antioxidants without increasing calorie consumption!

No Nasties: Organic foods contain lower levels of harmful pesticides, nitrogen and toxic heavy metal such as cadmium.  Conventional farming is riddled with as much as four times the amount of pesticide residues which adversely effect not only food and soil, but also local wildlife.

Other reasons to go organic:

It’s GMO free: There is not significant evidence to conclude that genetically modified organism are save, but there has been disturbing animal feeding trials that suggest the toxic impact of such products would be harmful to health.

Organic animals enjoy high standards of animal welfare: Organic animals are free range and are raised without antibiotics.