Our ethos

In the age of extraordinary marketing sophistication used by the giant supermarkets, the local independent store looks powerless. How can the small independent shop compete with the millions spent annually in enticing us into their chilled aisles? Family run independent businesses have largely become an outmoded British institution comprising a mere 8% of our current economic make up, compared with 30% in France and 36% in Germany.

As an independent shop we deal only with ethical suppliers who can guarantee that their food is free from Genetic Modification. As such we have a good relationship with all of our suppliers and challenge them in providing great quality wholesome foods, much of it organic. As we are independent, we are able to react quicker to what our customers are demanding and seek the best quality products from the most local source. Our ethos is to be kind to the environment, to limit road transport to a minimum using Bristol suppliers, and to reduce our environmental footprint by producing less packaging and less waste.

It’s good for the local economy too. It keeps money in the local area, creating jobs locally which in turn is good for the local community – making links between people in the city.

As a health food store, your health is our primary aim, with staff totally committed to this. If however we do not stock  the items you require, we are more than happy to order them in on request at no extra cost.