Dairy Free

Scoopaway stocks a wide variety of Dairy Free products, some of which are listed below:

Please ring in on 01179872199 for updated prices.


Biona Organic Sunflower Vegetable Margarine. (500g)

Bute Island Sheese, Strong Cheddar Style or Cheddar Style with Chives. (227g)

Dragonfly Beany burgers, Organic Olive or Organic Spicy for 2 burgers (200g)

Dragonfly Organic Original Soysages (200g)

Mellow Brown Organic Raw Miso (240g)

Provamel Organic Original Soya Yoghurt (500g)

Provamel Organic Forest Fruits Soya Yoghurt (500g)

Provamel Organic Soya Yoghurt Pots, Cherry, Blueberry or Peach (4 x 125g)

Vbites, Cheddar Style, Edam Style, or Gouda Style (190g)

Vbites Cheatin’ Ham Style or Chicken Style (100g)

Vbites Streaky Style Rashers (115g)

Vbites Sausages, Lincolnshire Style or Sage and Marjoram Sausages (8 sausages)

Sojade Organic Soya yogurt + bifidus (250g)

Sojade Organic Cherry or Blueberry Soya Yogurt (400g)

Suma Soya Spread (500g)

Suma Sunflower Spread (500g)

Taifun Tofu Wiener Sausages (4 sausages)

Taifun Cocktail Sausages (6 sausages)

Tofutti Creamy Smooth alternative to Cream Cheese, Original or Garlic and Herbs (225g)

Wicken Fen Sausages, Mushroom & Tarragon, Country Herb (280g)


Booja Booja Ice Cream, Feisty Winjin Ginger or Hunky Punky Chocolate (500ml)

Fry’s Chicken Style Burgers (4 Burgers)

Fry’s Braai-Flavour Country Herb Sausages (8 sausages)

Goodlife Nut Cutlets (4 cutlets)

Goodlife Spicy Bean Quaterpounders (4 burgers)

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages (6 sausages)

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausage Rolls (6 Sausage rolls)

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Country Pies (4 pies)

Macsween Vegan Haggis (454g)

Swedish Glace Dairy Free Ice Cream, Smooth Vanilla, Rich Chocolate or Juicy Raspberry (750ml)

Vegetarians Choice 4 Meat Free Burgers (200g)


Free & Easy Dairy Free Cheese Flavour  Sauce Mix (130g)

Marigold Bouillon Powder. Original and Reduced Salt (150g or 500g)

Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise (315g)

Sunnyvale Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread (400g)

Sunnyvale Organic Rye Sourdough Bread (400g)

Sunnyvale Organic Hemp Sprouted Bread (400g)


Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate with either Chilli, Orange and Geranium or Plain (100g)

Mrs Crimbles Dutch Apple Cake, Dutch Fruit Loaf or Stem Ginger Cake (475g)

Plamil Dairy Free Alternative to Milk Chocolate (100g)

Plamil No Added Sugar Dairy Free Chocolate (100g)