Gluten Free

At Scoopaway we stock a wide range of Gluten Free food which we have listed below.  You can also look at our gluten free recipes and Laurens article about living with coeliac in the family.


Bute Island Sheese, Strong Cheddar Style or Cheddar Style with Chives 227g.

Dragonfly Beany burgers, Organic Olive or Organic Spicy. (200g).

Dragonfly Organic Original Soysage.  (200g).

Provamel Organic Original Soya Yogurt.  500g.

Provamel Organic Forest Fruits Soya Yogurt. 500g.

Provamel Organic Soya Yogurt Pots, Cherry, Blueberry or Peach.  for 500g (4 x 125g).

Vbites Cheezly, Cheddar Style, Edam Style  190g.

Suma Soya Spread. 500g.

Tofutti Creamy Smooth alternative to Cream Cheese, Original or Garlic and Herbs.  225g.


Swedish Glace Dairy Free Ice Cream, Smooth vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Wild blueberry or Juicy Raspberry. £3.23 for 750ml.


Essential Organic Brown Rice Flakes.  500g.

Essential Organic Buckwheat Flakes. 500g.

Essential Organic Millet Flakes.  500g.

Essential Organic Quinoa Flakes.  500g.

Natures Path Organic Mesa Sunrise, multigrain cereal flakes.  300g.


Doves Farm Gluten and Wheat Free Brown Bread Flour.  1kg.

Doves Farm Gluten and Wheat Free White Bread Flour.  1kg

Doves Farm Gluten and Wheat Free Self Raising Flour.  1kg

Doves Farm Gluten and Wheat Free Flour.  1kg

Doves Farm Rice Flour.  1kg.

Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Pasta – Maize and Rice.  500g.

Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Pasta – Brown Rice.  500g.

Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Spaghetti – Maize and Rice.  500g.

Eskal Rice noodles, Medium or Vermicelli.  400g.

Free & Easy Gluten Free Vegetable Gravy Sauce Mix.  130g.

King Soba Organic Noodles  250g – Thai Rice, Buckwheat, Black Rice, Brown Rice, Brown Rice & Wakame and Pumpkin Ginger & Rice.

Marigold Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning. 250ml.

Marigold Bouillon Powder. Original and Reduced Salt,  150g & 500g. Organic  500g & 150g.

Orgran Gluten Free Pasta.  for 250g. Choose from Corn Spirals, Buckwheat spirals, Corn and vegetable shells, Rice and corn spirals and Vegetable Rice Spirals

Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise Organic and Non-Organic

Sanchi Gluten Free Instant Miso Soup.  48g (6 sachets).

Sharaf Falafel Mix  200g (Original or Chilli Bites).

Scoopaway Potatoe Flour. 500g.


Doves Farm Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. 150g.

Goody Good Stuff Sour Fruit Salad and Tropical Fruit flavoured Sweets per 100g

Mrs Crimbles Mini Macaroons. 250g, or Large Macaroons.

Orgran Rice & Corn Lasagna  200g


Organix First Organic Wholegrain Baby Rice with added vitamin B1.  100g.

Organix Organic Wholegrain Banana Porridge with added vitamin B1.  150g.