The Chemicals Within!

October 26th, 2010

Gone are the days of spraying on thick toxic cleaning chemicals to clean your house hold ovens and surfaces, or so you thought…

The damming report in the Guardian1 which stated that Tesco, and many other leading stores, are selling products containing potentially dangerous chemicals, has raised the question regarding which products are safe to buy.

With an increasing list of symptoms being caused by some of the compounds found in conventional cleaning products, more and more people are now turning to alternatives for more healthy, and environmentally friendly cleaning products2. This not only reduces the level of toxicity for health reasons, but also to reduces environmental pollution.

According to Bio-D, domestic pollution causes more damage to the environment than industrial pollution thus giving us further reason to switch to more gentle, non-toxic cleaning products.

Here at Scoopaway we have three ranges of cleaning products that offer an alternative to the heavily laden chemical based high street alternatives.  Ecover3, one of the more well known brands, offer us ecological washing up liquid, multi surface cleaner, laundry liquid, fabric softener and toilet cleaner, all of which are available as refills at Scoopaway.  Bringing your empty bottles back to Scoopaway not only saves you money, we re-fill them for you saving you the mess and hassle. Re-using your bottles means that less plastic is wasted – result!

Bio D4, which stands for ‘Bio degradable’ is the plant based washing up liquid that we sell at Scoopaway, this is also available to you as a re-fill, making it a cheaper option.  All Bio D products are hypoallergenic.

The range of Method5 Products that we stock offers you a product with ingredients that are non-toxic, naturally derived and biodegradable, which according to method makes for ‘happy pipes and happy fish’.

By far the cheapest cleaning option however is using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.  This makes an ultra earth friendly and non toxic cleaning product.  Admittedly this option may require a bit more elbow grease, but that won’t hurt the environment!  For more on this see our article entitled ‘cleaning with Bicarb’ coming very soon…

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